Videos not playing & Windows video error codes

Error codes

If you receive an error code, it indicates an issue with Windows or your graphics/sound drivers. If you have any codec packs installed, either uninstall them or configure them so that they don't disable Media Foundation, it is a Windows component and Wallpaper Engine needs Windows to be functioning correctly. Codec packs that might cause issues include K-Lite, CCCP, Shark007.

  • C00D5212: Codec not found. Check steps above to switch to the integrated GPU on laptops. For Windows 7/8 follow this guide 👉 Install LAV Filters to support more video formats
  • 800700ea: Enable Media Foundation in codec packs. Install updates.
  • 8007007e: Module not found. Fix missing Windows components. Enable Media Foundation in Codec packs.
  • C00D36FA: Disable 'video audio output' as a workaround. Update/Reinstall drivers. Often caused by sound issues, try adjusting the bitrate of your audio device. Can also happen if Wallpaper Engine gets 'sandboxed' by your anti-virus. Or a codec pack disabled video/audio components, enable Media Foundation again. A faulty graphics driver may cause it as well, try rolling back to an older version.
  • C00D36B4 + Turtle Beach Stealth 450 headset: Update your drivers.

Try the codec tweak tool if you previously installed codec packs that broke system files:

Install LAV decoder filters to add support for more formats 👉 Install LAV Filters to support more video formats

Run sfc /scannow to try and fix your PC: LINK[www.lifewire.com]

The last possible solution to try is to repair/reinstall Windows.

White screen on Windows 7

If you are on Windows 7, you cannot play videos with resolutions above 1080p, the video modules that are part of Windows do not support it.

Install LAV to add support for more videos on Win7 👉 Install LAV Filters to support more video formats

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